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The Oath of Love (2021) Release Date, Plot, And Where To Watch


The Oath of Love (2021) Release Date, Plot, And Where To Watch

The Oath of Love is an upcoming Chinese romantic Drama. Lu Ying directed the show. The series is adapted from the novel Entrust The Rest of My life to You written by Bo Lin Shi Jiang. The show will air on each day of the week on Hunan TV Tencent Video. In this article, we will talk about the release date and other details about the show. Let’s begin…

The Oath of Love Plot

One of the lead characters of the show is Lin Zhi Xiao. She is a talented Cellist looking to begin her career after graduation. She has everything one could ask for – a handsome and caring boyfriend and even a lined up Job with a promising career ahead once she graduates. But her world came crashing down when her father was hospitalized due to a sudden illness.

As a result, She had to decline the job offer as she was bound to take care of his father. His health was declining continuously. Adding more to her misery, she also parts ways from her boyfriend. But when she was down, Gu Wei enters her life. Gu Wei is the Doctor who is charged with treating Lin Zhi Xiao’s father.

The Oath of Love (2021) Release Date, Plot, And Where To Watch

He is also having a rough time at this point in life. Meanwhile, both of them begin to form a mutual understanding. But it is yet to be seen if they fall in love and find the solutions to their problem to change their current situations.

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The Oath of Love Release Date

The show will begin airing on 8th September 2021. The show will have a total of 29 episodes airing every day of the week. Each episode will be 45 minutes long and will air on Hunan TV Tencent Video. The time slot for the upcoming Chinese drama is yet to be announced. We can’t say whether the show will be delayed or not as of now but we will be sure to inform you in case of a delay with our updated article. 

The Oath of Love Watch Online

The Oath of Love (2021) Release Date, Plot, And Where To Watch

The show will be available to watch online on Viki and WeTV with English subtitles. Apart from that Korean Viewers can watch the show on Hunan TV Tencent Video as mentioned already. International viewers would have to go with the other two options. The show will also be available through illegal sources too. Therefore, we request our readers not to use them. You should use only legal sites available in your country to support the makers of the show.

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