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Lee Min Ho Dating Yeonwoo? His Agency Reveal Everything


Lee Min Ho Dating Yeonwoo? His Agency Reveal Everything

If You are into Korean drama or have a taste for Korean tv series. Then you must be familiar with this current trending question i.e. Lee Min Ho Dating Yeonwoo.To know more about the pair and what is the truth behind all these rumours floating around. continue reading the article to the very end.

Lee Min Ho Bio

Before hopping on to Lee Min Ho Dating Yeonwoo. Let’s go through the background OF Lee Min Ho.

Lee Min Ho was born in the year 1987. Being a popular face in South Korean Cinema. He came to rise with his popular release Boys Over Flowers that released in 2009. This movie also got him the prestigious 45 Baeksang Arts Awards. His prominent works in TV drama include Personal Taste, City Hunter, The Heirs, Legend of the Blue Sea. His Cinematic appearances include Gangnam Blues and other Chinese produced movies. Lee Min Ho is among the top followed celebrities in Korean cinema on social media platforms. Along with that, he has his own figure at madam Tussauds too.

Who is Yeon Woo?

Born in August 1996 popularly known as Yeonwoo (Lee-Da Bin). She is managed by MLD Entertainment. Also known as by her former girl band name Momoland. She is popular for her roles in Television shows namely Peaguses Market, Touch, Cheat in me if you can. Let’s move on to whether Lee Min Ho Dating Yeonwoo? What did His Agency Reveal Everything?

Lee Min Ho Dating Yeonwoo? His Agency Reveals Everything

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 Is Lee Min Ho Dating Yeonwoo?

Dispatch a prominent media house reported on august 30, That the two Lee Min-ho and Yeonwoo are dating and that for approx the past five months. This news took the internet by storm. as the fans began to get anxious after seeing the photos issued by the Dispatch.

but eventually lee Min’s managing agency MYM Entertainment issued a statement stating that both are just good friends and all these are rumours. But on the other hand, they also verified that the pictures are taken on the same date but the time on the clock was different and there were many other renowned personalities too who were present at that same date.

Lee Min is quite vocal about his personal relationships and also was very comfortable in telling about his love life. As he dated Bae Suzy for a long 3 years before calling it off in the year 2017.

Thus, this was an article on the current hot rumour about Lee Min Ho dating Yeonwoo. We will be back with more updates on the same and many more content on the various genres.

Until Then

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