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Boruto Episode 213 Recap, Release Date, Time, And Where To Watch

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Boruto Episode 213 Recap, Release Date, Time, And Where To Watch

Boruto is the current series of the Naruto universe. Boruto first came in as a manga and it was later serialized into anime. The story revolves around Boruto who is the son of Naruto. Naruto is the Hokage of the hidden leaf village. He is one of the powerful characters in the Naruto universe. Also, The story begins with Boruto facing his enemy Kawaki, ready to fight. His village is in ruins. That’s how the story begins with Boruto being the narrator of the anime. Let’s get you all the details regarding Boruto Episode 213 Recap, Release Date, Time, And Where to Watch.

Boruto feels unhappy for his father places the village first and the family second. He asks Sasuke to help him train for the coming chunin exams so that he can impress his father. During the chunin exams, Naruto gets abducted by the enemies. Boruto, Sasuke, and others head out to rescue Naruto. Further, The abductors wanted to use the nine tail beast stored in Naruto’s body to heal their dimension’s divine tree, which is in a state of dying. Moreover, Sasuke and others rescue Naruto and defeat the enemies. To know more details about Boruto Episode 213, keep reading.

Boruto Episode 213 Recap, Release Date, Time, And Where To Watch

Recap Of Boruto Episode 212

The episode begins with Koji and Amado discussing how they can defeat the leaf village. They both agree that they need to have a lot of secret weapons, which will come in handy during the fighting. Koji summons a toad and Amado gets ready to go inside the toad. Also, Delta comes and asks whether they are committing treason to which Amado shuts her down by saying the code out loud. Amado comes to hidden leaf village and gets hold of Shikamaru’s son and says that his survival depends upon his father.

Moving further, Amado gets captured by Anbu black ops and brought before the Hokage. where he is asked questions about his whereabouts. He says that he has revolted against Jigen and seeks leaf village’s help. Keep reading, to know more details about Boruto Episode 213.

Spoilers Of Boruto Episode 213

There are no official spoilers of Boruto Episode 213. There are many fan theories and rumors on how the episode will turn up. We can expect that Shikamaru’s son will be released from Amado’s clutch. Furthermore, That the meeting with Amado and Naruto has gone well. Further, Amado wouldn’t be killed and will be included in Hidden Leaf village as a scientist. Also, Fans are eagerly waiting for the next episode.

Boruto Episode 213 Recap, Release Date, Time, And Where To Watch

Release Date Of Boruto Episode 213

The release date of the series will be September 5th, 2021. The series can be viewed on Crunchyroll. Moreover, The anime will air at 5 AM. the story is going to be interesting. One can only wait and see whether Jigen will be destroyed or not. Also, The anime community is waiting to watch Episode 213.


The trailer Of the series is not released yet. there are fan tailers that are not accurate to depict anything.  Stay connected so that you will be updated with the trailer soon. Furthermore, Fans are eagerly waiting for the Boruto Episode 213.

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