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Chibi Revengers Episode 21 Release Date, Preview, And Where To Watch

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Chibi Revengers Episode 21 Release Date, Preview, And Where To Watch

Chibi Revengers Episode 21 is about to release. As always this anime short episode will be release after Tokyo Revengers Episode 21. Fans love to see their favorite characters from Tokyo Revengers as Chibi characters. It’s fun to watch this anime shorts series. Chibi Revengers is a series of anime shorts features chibi version of characters from Tokyo Revengers. Studio Puyukai produces the show and it began airing on 12 April 2021. In this article, we will talk about when we can see the next episode of Chibi Revengers. In case you have watched Tokyo Revengers but not Chibi Revengers we suggest you watch the series. It won’t consume much of your time as the episodes are 2 min long.

Chibi Revengers Episode 21 Preview

In the previous Episode of Chibi Revengers, Hinata was wondering it’s Halloween so what’s Takemichi is doing. She calls him but no one answers. As she hangs up, she receives another call thinking it to be from Takemichi. But it’s Emma. Hinata without hearing who is on the other end calls her Takemichi for which Emma teases Hinata. Emma asks if she was expecting Takemichi. She called her to tell her that Mickey and Draken are not responding to her calls and it’s Halloween.

Chibi Revengers Episode 21 Release Date, Preview, And Where To Watch

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She wants to throw a party where everyone would wear a costume. Hinata was fascinated by the idea of a  costume party. They imagine Mickey and Draken as Red Riding Hood and Frankenstein. Emma asks Hinata what would Takemichi wear for the party. She wonders him as Vampire. Emma again Teases her knowing what she might be thinking about.

Chibi Revengers Episode 21 Release Date

All the episodes of Chibi Revengers are released after the corresponding episode of Tokyo Revengers. Now Tokyo Revengers Episode 21 was released on August 29, 2021. So we expect Episode 21 to release on Monday, 30 August. New episodes of Chibi Revenger air Every Monday at 7 PM JST.  Each episode features some characters from Tokyo Revengers in Chibi Version engage in their daily life activities. Each episode has its own different storyline.

Chibi Revengers Episode 21 Release Date, Preview, And Where To Watch

Where to Watch Online

You can watch Chibi Revengers Episode 21 latest episode on their Official Youtube Channel for free. The episode will be available with English subtitles upon airing. Besides that, previous episodes are also available to watch on Youtube.

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