July 24, 2021

Among us Dead or Still got Players Playing it ?

Among Us is still alive and kicking, but its popularity has fallen significantly over the last few months. The game was recently at a peak of 176k average players on Steamcharts.com, as well as 438.5k peak player count back in September 2020 giving it the #8 spot. However, there's been a steady decline since then with recent numbers leveling off around decently strong levels-not quite Fortnite or Counter-Strike high-but not low either. With hundreds of Twitch channels continuing to stream the game alongside tens of thousands of players playing it on steam alone, Among Us seems to be going strong for now but only time will tell how long that lasts before we can say if this social deduction game is dead or just sleeping.

Among us Dead or Still got Players Playing it ?

Considering the simplistic nature of Among Us, long-term engagement may not be possible. Rather than a game to get invested in for hours at a time, it's more of something you can turn on and play a round or two by yourself or with your friends. While this has added to its popularity among players who may otherwise never have played a social deduction game before, it also makes it just as easy to put down and never come back once that initial curiosity wears off.

With numbers declining since hitting peak levels in September 2020 along with no real growth but also no significant decrease since then, we can only speculate how long interest will last for Among Us before finally deciding if people are done looking into the dark corners of their Crewmates.

Among us Dead or Still got Players Playing it ?

"With hundreds of Twitch channels continuing to stream the game, plentiful viewers, and tens of thousands of players still playing the game on Steam alone, the social deduction game is going strong. This means there's still a big portion of the community playing even if the wildfire of its popularity lulled into a campfire."

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