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The King’s Maker chapter 67 Raw Scans Release Date

The King’s Maker chapter 67 release date

The King’s Maker chapter 67 is making fans and reader’s nervous as they eagerly wait to what more they would get to see in the next chapter. As for now, the release date hasn’t been announced yet but is arriving soon as per sources, stay tuned.

King’s Maker chapter 67 spoilers!!

King’s Maker chapter 67 spoilers are not yet as the spoilers would be out few days before the actual release date and we would surely update you as soon as we would get the news to it.

King's Maker chapter 67

Previous chapter 66 summary

The scene starts as the King of Golden Leonard asks about where Gareth have been and how they were lucky to treat her injury as furthermore when The King clearifies a guard’s misconception as he thought that the King came from a respectable background and he deserve the best quality love as possible but as the King clear the air that he didn’t come from a respectable family instead, he was a missing piece back then so to say. He mentioned that he became too weak to handle things after Christine death as he thought he had lost his way in life and now that he is lost in a maze and that was the time when he met Shin and came to know that they had the same perspective though despising the same person and stated that he considered Shin as a piece which was missing in his life and all he has been looking for. The King’s Maker chapter 67 would probably lead from here as point of King’s meeting Shin.

King's Maker chapter 67

King’s Maker plot

The story with a mysterious outlook goes as after five years of mysteriously disappeaing of the prince, a statement was therefore then spread demanding to anyone with the prince’s name must be reported to the head and authorities. Everyone then started looking for anyone named Wolfgang.

Wolfgang Goldenleonard is aware that the manhunt is going for him and the authorities won’t let down until and unless they have found him, but he is well aware of everything and even his identity. Since his mother died, he has been in hiding and has developed a bond with orphans of the streets.

Where to read The King’s Maker chapter 67

If you want to know more to what lies ahead in the journey of Golden Leonard and what might the story brings, you can head to Anime-planet and Manhuascan for more.

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King's Maker chapter 67


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