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Lucia Chapter 78 | Release Date & Spoilers | Read Manga Online

Lucia chapter 78 Release date

With Lucia chapter 78 just around the corner, an amazing love story of Damien and Lucia to cover, the fan’s and reader’s haven’t had enough of this web novel yet and demanding the creators for updates and to fill in with many chapters to come but as for now, there are no such updates for the release date. It would probably be landing in Mid May and we would update you as soon as we would get the news.


Lucia chapter 78 Spoilers!!

As there is no news or announcement of the next chapter yet and so the spoilers will be dropped a few days before the release date as everyone’s predictions are taking place for now.

Lucia chapter 78

Previously in Lucia Chapter 77

The scene portrays the Duchess were there to witness as everyone stated that the Duchess was the shortcut to attacking the Duke of Taran. Everyone looked at Duchess with stormy eyes.

Kwiz recalled how his sister made him worry about the time when she would turn out to be mature and this made him click his tongue. The difference that it always made was not that they both were his sister’s but they had different mothers. Kwiz’s wife Beth was becoming tougher as she was raising their three sons. On the other hand, Lucia had her own social debut that she had to go through, something which was waiting for her for a long time.

Where To Read Lucia Chapter 78

If you want to cover more on the story of Lucia, you can head to read light novel and readnovelfull to read for free and find out what happens in the journey of Lucia when she counters unexpected turns and situations in life.

Lucia chapter 78

More about Lucia

Lucia storyline carries as she didn’t know she was a princess at the time of growing up but when her mother died, she had it all of making her dream come true with entering the palace. She had a dream that when she was 19 and how she was auctioned off to one of the bidders who offered her the dowry which was the highest as her life started to be miserable from that point. Waking up from that dream, Lucia had her aim to reshape and learn for the best as she could be determined to her own goals. In along the journey of Lucia and how she tackles the unexpected turns and situations of life.

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Lucia chapter 78

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