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How To Chase An Alpha Chapter 70 [ENG] | Read Manga | Global

One of the best yaoi comedy manhwa’s How to chase an alpha is all set to release their chapter. Because of the main characters’ funny scenes, the fans can’t wait any longer for the next chapter. Scroll down the full coverage to know about How To Chase An Alpha Chapter 70 release date, the soiler, recap, and many more.

How to Chase An Alpha Chapter 70 Release Soon?

Although the author is not releasing or stating anything about How to chase an alpha chapter 70. We know that the chapter will be updating anytime soon. As the Korean translation are available till chapter 83. The official English translation will update as soon as possible.

How to Chase An Alpha Chapter 70 spoilers !!

How To Chase An Alpha Chapter 70

In the upcoming chapter 70 of how to chase an alpha, we will see some lovey-dovey moments. Also, Wooyoumg will tell his older brother that he knows about his relationship with a CEO. And we will witness Cha Kyungjoo getting jealous because of Wooyoung hugging his brother. If you want to know more, stay tuned.

How to chase an alpha previous chapter explained

In the previous chapter on how to chase an alpha, we witness Wooyoug and Kyungjoo getting approval from Wooyoung’s father. Wooyoung’s father suggests they stay in the house till he gives birth. They start arguing and Wooyoung’s father sends them into their room. In the room, while they are having some moments, Wooyoung’s brother interrupts them and tries to enter the room. The chapter ends with Wooyoung telling him not to enter and the couple is seen cuddling each other.

Where to read how to chase an alpha

How to chase an alpha manhwa is available to read on Tappytoon. If you want to read the Korean translation, it is available on Book Cube, Kakao page, and Naver Series.

More about How to chase an alpha

How to chase an alpha is a comedy yaoi manhua written and illustrated by Kimnyeong. The story is about the youngest son of a wealthy family. He has got everything but he is a recessive omega. But one incident leads him to meet with a dominant alpha and from that day, there will be some changes in his body. Read this manhwa to know what happen to him.

Characters of how to chase an alpha

  • Yoon Wooyoung is the main protagonist who is an omega and he is from a wealthy family.
  • Cha Kyungjoo is also the main character who is a dominant alpha and the heir of the Seosan Group.
  • Kang Moon Sik is the doctor and Omega specialist.

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