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Kiss Me Liar Chapter 48 /49: Release Date, Spoiler & Read Manga

This amazing yaoi series originated from the creative dwelling of Zig, titled “Kiss Me, Liar” and revolves around the relationship between a secretary and his boss. In a world where conceiving children isn’t restrained by gender and where the mating is concerned around the release of pheromones by Omega when around a powerful Alpha. This situation gets even more escalated when the secretary has a huge crush on his boss and suddenly goes into heat in front of him. Kiss Me Liar Chapter 48.

Release Date Of Kiss Me, Liar Chapter 48     

kiss me, liar chapter 48

Kiss Me Liar Chapter 48

Although there have been no official release dates announced about Kiss me, Liar Chapter 48 the fans are expecting to see the life that awaits this amazingly lovely couple. Currently this yaoi series is following a weekly release pattern and its Chapter 47 was released just a few days ago, which stands to reason that we speculate that Chapter 48 would be released by next week. Kiss Me Liar Chapter 48.

Recap Of Kiss Me Liar Chapter 47

kiss me liar chapter 48

Kiss Me Liar

As Yeon Woo was recuperating after giving birth to his and Keith’ child and was reading a book, that’s when Ms. Parker came in to check up the baby and the parents. She also mentioned that she wished to arrive early, but was held back as she was busy with her movie. She also mentioned that though there were some roadblocks along the path, but it was rooted out with the “evil” voice of Keith. She also asked if she could meet Keith, but Yeon Woo told her that Keith is currently with their newborn baby.

After this Ms. Parker asked how did the birth process go as she had heard that births can be very hard for Omegas and she was right to worry. Though Yeon Woo told her that it was a bit difficult, we soon see a flashback play in which we see that both Keith and Yeon Woo receive the very unfortunate news that Yeon Woo might lose his life while giving birth. The pain and bleeding was so unbearable that Yeon Woo almost lost his life, thus Keith sternly said that he “will never have children anymore”. Yeon Woo did share the same thought as Keith, considering the amount of pain he had been through, but he was soothed by the fact that he could see the baby in a few minutes.

After this, Ms. Parker gets ready to leave saying that she is going to be late for her date. Soon Charles comes over to check up on Yeon Woo and also mentions that the baby’s room is exactly opposite to his and Keith’s room and also states that every necessary requirement have already been included in his room. Charles also politely warns him to take care of his health, because if Yeon Woo’ health deteriorates it also takes a huge jab at Keith’s health. After a few moments, Keith came in with their baby, and told Yeon Woo that the name of the baby is Spencer. And after Yeon Woo shared a few moments with little Spencer, Keith asked Yeon Woo’ hand in marriage to which Yeon Woo definitely agreed.

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