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I am the sorcerer king 131

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I am the sorcerer king Chapter 131 Release Date, Spoilers & Read Manga

I am the sorcerer king Chapter 131: The fantasy world where the whole humanity is plagued by horrifying and dangerous dungeons in which monsters with unseen powers reside has been the most popular plot in the world of manga and manhwa. The big names that revolve around this sort of story line setting are Solo Leveling, Tomb Raider King, Dungeon Reset and many more. This plot is a great hit as it has additional bonus plots such as reincarnation and dungeon system in order to aid the protagonists and give them a certain edge over the difficulties that are yet to befall them. One of the rising names that revolve around this plot is the manhwa written by Miro and illustrated by Decaspell, titled “I Am The Sorcerer King”.

As the story goes on the journey becomes even more complex and tedious to understand this developments without divulging into its backstory. The writers are sewing together an intricate design and leading the protagonist to find the entity behind the spawning dungeons and Akasha Records.

What Has Happened Till Now In I Am The Sorcerer King?

I am the sorcerer king 131

I am the sorcerer king Chapter 131

The journey begins when a transporter who essentially acts as a bait for the hunter crew to divert the beasts attention and provide the crew with some time recuperate. Lee Sung Hoon who is musician turned transporter is the reincarnation of the Great Sorcerer Kuratauras retained his memory from the past life after encountering an accident which occurred due to the breach in the Final Defense Line between the hunting grounds and the city. One of the major goals of the protagonist was to heal his mother who had fallen into a state of eternal slumber which can be healed but at a very hefty cost.

This where the fans can draw a parallel between I Am The Great Sorcerer and Solo Leveling. Though after this the story deviates greatly and there are no more parallels left except the following two; the dungeons and that the dungeons are breaking. Currently, in the recently released chapter 130 the South Korean President helped Lee Sung Hoon to clear out the low tiered criminals first and has also agreed to keep Lee Sung Hoon’ involvement¬† a secret. And we also the earth entering the next stage, which would unleash even more mayhem than usual.

When Will Chapter 131 Of I Am The Great Sorcerer Release?

I am the sorcerer king 131There is no official news about the release of Chapter 131 of I Am The Great Sorcerer. Though fans are speculating that seeing the pattern for last two chapters that they would witness Yeoyoung crushing the Orcs in the monster wave of Africa, by half-way through March.

Stay Tuned with A Market Analysis for More Updates on I am the sorcerer king Chapter 131.

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