Facebook: Opportunist or Consigliere?

Facebook has always meddled in controversies from impeaching privacy to whitewashing political campaigns to further its propaganda. Often hailed as opportunistic, Zuckerberg has received his share of flaks from all quarters indefinitely. However, in this pandemic crisis, the humanitarian approach of the cyborg world came to the forefront. 

 In early March, CEO Mark Zuckerberg was among the first tech leaders to send his employees home. Prior to that, in January 2020, they began tightening their privacy laws, and in February, they retracted their participation from several political events.

The work-From-Home policy that was adopted at the earliest reduced the risk of infection of the employees. Facebook soon geared up a cell, related to COVID 19 updates regularly of the world, the nation, and the locality. “A big part of this is going to be about helping communities come together through our services to help each other out,” Zuckerberg said at the time. Tightening the ad policies, was a move to filter out the scammers and profiteers. 

Facebook: Opportunist or Consigliere?

Quarantining at home has led to a steep surge in the traffic of social media’s role and usage. Facebook usage is higher than ever, with the company passing a new milestone: 3 billion monthly users across its “family” of apps. Furthermore, the company has also been successful in winning back the reluctant users and the ones who abandoned the site in regards to its policies.

“We are seeing people who are new coming to our products as well as people who are re-engaging,” Facebook CFO Dave Wehner said during a call with analysts following the company’s quarterly earnings report. “So we think this is an opportunity for us to kind of re-engage those users and get them back into being more frequent users of Facebook.”

Zuckerberg in his strive to change the public opinion of Facebook, post his liaison with the congress and notably his tongue-tied interrogation with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, aimed at some solicited ideas to revive his image. According to Zuckerberg, the company’s Portal TV device, once disparaged, is now sold out, as sales of Portal devices have increased ten-fold.

However, it’s all not a charity drive for the company. Facebook is taking on the live-streaming markets of zoom and Youtube, thus acquiring the edge over other competitors. The challenge lies ahead for the company as they learn to walk the fine line between being goodwill ambassadors and a corporal shark.

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