African-Americans the most vulnerable in this pandemic.

The cracks in the internal strata of the society become glaring in the time of crisis. This pandemic has made racial discrimination apparent in America with its treatment of the African American community. 

African-Americans across the country are dying from the new coronavirus at a much higher rate than whites. Experts have a lot of explanations, but they also say more data is needed. In Indianapolis, a new no-cost testing program hopes to increase COVID-19 testing in African-American communities. As the world struggles to maintain the economic pillars, the black community bears the worst blow to their livelihood. 

William Rodgers, the former chief economist at the US Department of Labor, has estimated that the real unemployment rate for African Americans may have reached 19% in March.

“The reason why African Americans bear the brunt of downturns more is that when firing decisions start to occur, the least educated and those with the least experience tend to be let go first. There is also continued discrimination in the workplace,” Rodgers said.

African-Americans the most vulnerable in this pandemic.

Subjected to the last hired and first fired policy, the black Americans always faced the 2:1 ratio of hiring with white folks. Segregation and discrimination have since raged the country’s socio-cultural and economic pothole. Low wages and over domination in the laborer’s and domestic force makes them vulnerable to the pandemic.

Expounding on the statistics of mortality in the Covid-19 Danyelle Solomon, vice-president of the race and ethnicity program at the Center for American Progress says, “National emergencies, pandemics, epidemics, what they do is they spotlight inequality. What we see in Covid-19 is no different. It’s highlighting racial disparities at every single level that have been with our society for a very long time.”

The rapid and community testing drives in the US is leaving the chunk of colored folks out of the testing pool, resulting in more deaths. Marion County has taken it upon themselves to conduct an all-inclusive test bereft of any disparity.

“Obviously, this is a community and area that has health disparities. And so, we’re here to serve the community,” Virgil Madden of the county’s public health department said as the testing site opened. Testing began on a large scale from Thursday. Equal testing and equal remedy is the only way out, suggested the pastor of Eastern star church.

The Trump government has always been under the fire for its policies regarding the African-American community. The current scenario “was expected” said Madden.

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